“The Sad Story About the Bald Frog with the Wig”  ~by Michelle Weldy

Once upon a time, in a pond far, far away, there was a frog that was overly concerned about male-pattern baldness. He had overheard an animated conversation between two humans about it, lamenting the loss of their hair.  After checking his reflection in the pond, to his dismay, he realized that he was also afflicted with this malady.  Not a single hair resided on his head!  He wasn’t sure about all the details, but was most certainly concerned.  He knew that he had to look into his options.

He found that if he pulled fibers from the reeds, and scraped them over sharp stones, they curled up like most appealing ribbons. He wove them into a “hair-hat”, quite pleased with himself.  The pond reflection of his foliage adorned head smiled widely.   As he hopped from one side of the pond to the other, head held high, his spirit soared.  He even swaggered a bit.  Until,…

… an unfortunate breeze blew his self-made wig away, farther than his eyes could see.  His confidence shattered, he floundered away to the deepest, darkest corner of the pond.  He hid himself away from any curious eyes, desperate to keep from drawing attention to his terrible baldness.  He lived out his days there, never realizing that he had nothing to worry about,…because no frog has hair to lose.


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