Welcome to the free range thoughts from my INFP mind. One of my quirks is chronic insomnia. As it turns out, releasing thoughts from time to time in a written format yields a much quieter mind, which can be conducive to sleep. Otherwise, I’d likely keep them to myself.

I have struggled with insomnia and anxiety issues for as long as I can remember. In the time that has passed since my son was diagnosed with autism, I have also been diagnosed with IBS and fibromyalgia. Like many of the other autism families I’ve met, our family appears to specialize in controversial syndromes that the medical community can not fully explain. This is ironic, because I try to avoid controversy and confrontation whenever possible.

This site is the culmination of my experiences, nothing more, nothing less. As autism and SPD becomes increasingly more common, my hope is that these experiences will help others with their own.

The label of autism is not a death sentence, it’s a puzzle. I truly feel that autistic minds are not intrinsically better or worse than any other typical mind. Autism is just different. Welcome to being different.

if you have a minute, feel free to visit my full online art gallery at http://stepsformichelle’sart.wordpress.com and look around.


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