100_0350This is a topic that can cause any parent to adopt the frozen-deer-in-the-headlights vacant stare at the best of times. Throw autism into the mix, and the puberty discussions can bring on full blown panic attacks if you’re not careful. Our school tackled most of the technical questions through an educational video, and this worked very well in getting the information across. What brought more questions to the surface was a trip to the doctor’s office for a routine physical. We’ve talked about “private areas” in very simple terms, previously, and both my children had some new questions. Long story short, I had to think on my feet and come up with an age appropriate explanation for a few things. In respecting my children’s privacy, I’m going to just give a summary of my explanation, which includes our spiritual beliefs. I’m sharing this information for any other parents out there with young kids to preteens, because this made sense to mine, and it might make sense to yours.

In short:

Private areas are private. No one is allowed to look at or touch private areas, except doctors and spouses. Every once in a while, a doctor has to check that our entire body is working the way that it should. This includes private areas. Doctors don’t do this at every visit, but sometimes they have to just check things out, and that’s okay.

The reason that private areas are private is because they are a gift that you give to your spouse. This is a present that, except for doctors, no one else has seen or touched. Not everyone shares this belief, but the bible tells us that treating private areas in any other way is sin. When someone sins, they can be forgiven, but there’s always consequences (and we’ve been talking previously about how different sins have consequences, like how I can be forgiven for lying, but a consequence can be that others around me don’t trust me, afterward). With private areas, sin can have TERRIBLE consequences. God knows this, and because he loves us, he tells us that keeping those areas private until they can be given to our spouse is what’s best for us. This will keep us from consequences that are too painful, that leave us feeling broken. If you’re going to give someone a special gift, which is better,… something new that’s never been touched or even seen, or something that has been used and might have been misused or even broken? Which would you want as a gift?

Just some thoughts.


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