Polar Vortex!

IMG_2853Living in the Midwest has brought added excitement to our two week holiday break from school this year, as well as three additional snow days and a two hour delay before returning to school today. The massive amounts of snow we received were only part of the fun. Record-breaking subzero temperatures with a windchill between -30 to -50 degrees effectively kept our household housebound, and we loved it. Every minute of it!

How did we keep from going stir crazy, without bickering you ask? Complete Act of God, because we remained kind to each other and got crazy creative with the unique opportunity the cold front presented. Painting and drawing yielded completed works, while experiments brought delightful discovery.

My husband introduced the kiddos to our first science project. Do you know what happens when you put boiling hot water in a high-volume water gun and spray it outdoors in subzero temperatures? Hilarity.

Experimental cooking was always appreciated, especially when making chocolate ice cream from snow.

John Weldy's photo.

Frozen food-colored water balloons turned out to be a surprising endeavor with explosive centers, which is always a plus, while still resulting in beautiful clear orbs.


Many movies were watched with popcorn and snow ice cream, and then there were the games! Board games, card games, and the ever popular video games, like Diablo III, which supports four players at once. This is important, because the family that smites demons together,…well, you get the picture.

I even had time to get caught up on several things I’d been slacking off about, like working on the budget, figuring out My Drive on Google, organizing my digital journals, . . . posting to my blog. You get the picture. Overall, an auspicious beginning to the new year.

Just some thoughts . . .


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